Keep Your Wheels Turning with Regular Tire Rotations at Honda of Ames

Your tires rotate all day long, spinning along down the road, taking you from one place to the next. That being said, you might be wondering what the point is then of having your tires rotated at your next service appointment, correct? This is not what it means to have your tires rotated. No, a tire rotation is really less about "rotating" and more about balancing. Allow us to explain.

You may be surprised to learn that not all wear and tear that your tires experience is equal. That's largely due to the fact that the weight of your car is not distributed equally amongst all four of its tires. Think about it: your front tires must deal with the brunt of the work between the additional weight of the car's engine and the added stress of steering duties. Tires may also wear differently depending on your driving style or the conditions of the roads that you drive on most frequently--for example, many roads bow a bit to enable runoff.

Improve Your Gas Mileage by Regular Tire Rotations in Ames

That's where tire rotations come into play. By having your tires' tread patterns analyzed and rotated accordingly, you can be sure that each of the four tires will experience a variety of wear patterns and will wear out at a more equal pace. And the payoff can be huge: not only will you increase the life of your tires, but you could even improve your gas mileage, and be sure that your car handles in a safe and predictable manner.

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If this all seems a little out of your wheelhouse (pun fully intended), have no fear. Our service team here at Honda of Ames is here to help. Visit us here at 220 Kitty Hawk Drive, Ames or schedule your next tire rotation from the comfort and convenience of your own home by requesting a service appointment here.

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