Driving your vehicle around Ames will take its toll on your exterior coat, but waxing your vehicle on a regular basis can prevent dirt, air, water, and other debris from damaging your paint. Car wax comes from different sources, such as palm waxes, carnauba leaves, and silicone.

The main purpose of wax is to provide protection to the topcoat. When you wax your vehicle, you're placing a protective barrier between the clear coat and outside elements. Pollutants and other contaminants can transfer to the paint and diminish its shine.

When you apply wax to your car, apply it in small, even circles. Don't use too much, and be sure to check the directions to see how long it should stay on before its buffed off. How often should you apply wax? While it depends on the type of vehicle that you have, applying wax an average of three times per year can be beneficial.


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