If you're a truck owner, you've likely heard the terms "payload" and "towing capacity." However, do you know what these terms mean? At Honda of Ames, we want to ensure you know all you can about your vehicle, which is why we offer this brief explanation of these often-confusing terms.

Payload refers to what you can haul in the truck itself. The strength of the materials the truck is built from influences the payload limit and this limit includes everything from passengers to pea gravel. The towing capacity of a truck is what the vehicle can tow in and around Ames, either with a traditional hitch or utilizing a gooseneck hitch. The towing capacity is directly related to the power and torque of the engine in the truck.

If your truck seems to be struggling to haul what it's rated to haul, stop by our service center today to allow our service professionals to look for any possible issues.



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