We're car people, so we love to hear that Ames drivers are doing their own repairs and maintenance. And we want to help you continue doing just that, so we have a question: when you pop the hood of your Honda, what parts are you using? Now we have some advice: if they're aftermarket parts, part ways with them and start using genuine Honda parts.

Why should you part ways with aftermarket parts? Simply, it all comes down to quality. You may have found some really cheap aftermarket parts from a random websites, but you'll soon find out why they were so cheap when they break unexpectedly. Honda parts, on the other hand, are as high quality as your Honda vehicle itself.

Higher quality parts will last longer, and that'll help you save money because you won't have to do as many repairs in the long run. Plus, when you order parts through the Honda of Ames Parts Center, you'll have our expert staff team offering you support. Good luck getting that from the aftermarket websites.

Request your genuine Honda parts today!

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