Most vehicle manufacturers recommend having your hoses and belts checked or replaced every so often. The standard time interval is every 36,000 to 50,000 miles. Hoses and belts may require more frequent attention depending on vehicle mileage, weather and driving habits.

Car Hoses

Your vehicle contains many types of hoses, each with its own unique function. Radiator hoses, heater core hoses, clutch hoses, the coolant hose and the hydraulic hose are a handful of the most common types.

Daily driving through Ames, weather and sheer time put stress on hoses, causing them to stiffen, crack or burst. Catch them before they do with a service appointment at our dealership.

Car Belts

Your car's belts ensure efficiency over a wide variety of vehicle components. The timing belt keeps your camshaft and crankshaft synchronized, whereas the serpentine belt "snakes" throughout your car, transporting power to the power steering pump, alternator and air conditioner.

We look forward to meeting you. Schedule an appointment today at our Honda of Ames service department to have your belts and hoses inspected or replaced.


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