Rubber performs effectively as windshield wiper blade material. With the assistance of a defroster, the blades can take away ice and snow with minimal effort. During rain storms, the blades clear away obstructions from the glass. When the material breaks down, however, the glass finds itself smeared. Visibility could be horrible.

Is there anything a driver can do to prevent the breakdown? Honestly, the sun beats down on the rubber and slowly makes the material brittle. Also, using windshield wiper blades contributes to continual wear. Eventually, the rubber becomes unreliable if not useless.

A technician in Ames can replace the blades and do so expediently. Getting the blades inspected as part of routine maintenance cuts down on the chances for a hazardous and unexpected surprise. If the blades turn out to be in poor condition, you can get new ones installed.

Our service department can handle windshield wiper blade replacements. Call our team at Honda of Ames for any maintenance request.


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