Some vehicle owners prefer to change tire types when the weather changes. Others prefer using all-season tires regardless of the year. There are differences and benefits between the two. When needing tire repair or replacement, schedule a visit with one of our Honda of Ames garage technicians.

All-season tires are versatile and created to function in various conditions. They are acceptable on wet roads or mild winter conditions. However, the tires do not function optimally in the heat of summer or during extreme winter weather. During these times, the tires do not grip the road as well, which diminishes vehicle handling ability.

Winter tires are advised during cold, snowy and icy months. The rubber is designed to remain flexible, which ensures proper gripping power. The tread is deeper, and the patterns are unique, which also aids in maximum traction and vehicle handling ability. Additionally, the edges often have edges that are designed to grip snow or ice.


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