Tips for Cleaning Tires

We can easily take our tires for granted, but they are the only point of contact our vehicle has with the road, so they should be cared for regularly to keep them performing their best. Every time you apply the brakes, minute amounts of metal shavings and carbon fibers fly off, some of them getting stuck in the grease around your tire. This mixture is highly corrosive and will damage metal surfaces.

Clean your tires with a dedicated tire soap, lathering it well and letting particularly dirty areas soak. Rinse with a strong jet of water, then use a terry towel to wipe them dry. Don't use this towel on any other parts of your car, as the residual brake dust may scratch your paint. Finish with a tire wax for a like-new shine.

If you'd like us to wash your tires, stop by Honda of Ames, where we can also perform any other maintenance task you require.



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