Safely Traveling with Your Pet

As fellow pet owners, we at Honda of Ames want to know that you and your pet are safe when traveling in your vehicle. To help you do this, we have many helpful tips to ensure your travels with your pet are a safe and happy experience. Dogs love traveling with their owners, but unsafe conditions can quickly ruin this experience for you and the dog.

Depending on the type of vehicle, keep your dog confined with a dog harness or crate, and make sure the dog is in the backseat. One bad experience with an airbag could permanently destroy a dog’s desire to be in a vehicle. Don’t leave the dog in the car alone for long. Bring water along but refrain from feeding the dog until you’re done traveling for the day.

Stop at our showroom in Ames and see our selection of pet-friendly vehicles. We invite you to take one out for a test drive.



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