Choosing the Right Winter Tires Makes a Difference

Here at Honda of Ames, we believe in helping our customers and other drivers remain safe during winter months. One way to maximize safety during winter driving is to use the proper types of tires. Among the list of appropriate tires for winter driving conditions include studless and studded winter tires.

For conditions that present serious road icing, studded tires may be the way to go for many drivers. Studded tires offer special openings that provide access for hardened metal studs. These studs can dig into hard ice and provide traction even in extreme conditions.

For less extreme conditions, studless tires offer higher levels of winter safety. These tires use a combination of special features to provide superior traction even in snowy conditions. For example, studless tires often employ special rubbers in their constructions that remain supple even in subzero conditions. Plus, many studless tires have an abundance of three-dimensional sipes cut into widely spaced grooves to provide even better winter footing.



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