Get Ready for Winter Driving with an Emergency Kit!

In Ames, safe winter driving habits are essential. At Honda of Ames we like to help our community prepare for winter driving by offering tips for an emergency kit. Emergency preparedness is a great way to make sure that you are ready for most things that can happen while driving in bad weather.

Your kit should include a cell phone charger to stay connected. Blankets, clothing, work gloves, and boots should be in your vehicle for each passenger and yourself. Food and water are critical for survival if you are stranded.

A first aid kit is helpful if someone has an injury. You should also have a tow strap, jumper cables and rags handy if you want to try to get your car back on the road yourself. A shovel, cat litter for traction, an ice scraper, and duct tape may be of great help in snowy situations. Gather the items for your kit and store them as close to you as possible while you travel!



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