Seeking Automotive Headlight Service

With so many brands and types of headlights to choose from, it can become overwhelming to take on routine headlight service by yourself. That's why we here at Honda of Ames encourage you to bring your vehicle into our location if you feel your vehicle isn't illuminating the road for you properly. We have a number of maintenance options that we can consider. This includes things like:
  • Changing out worn out bulbs for something that is newer and brighter. We have many different options you can select from that include different colors and brightness options.
  • It might be time to reposition your headlights so they are pointing outwards at the recommended angle. Each manufacturer has a set of guidelines they use for this job.
  • If you've been driving your vehicle for some time now, we can clean the headlight casing, so it is back to the clear condition it was in originally.


Categories: Service

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