Using Temporary and Full-Sized Spares

Automobiles come with a spare tire. Today, many cars have a compact tire or “donut’’ spare. The difference is important. Full-sized spares look like the regular tires and operate at normal speeds. Temporary spares are smaller than regular tires and usually have limits for speed and distance.

Ames-area drivers know the importance of a good spare tire. When using a donut or temporary spare, the size and capacity is different from a regular tire and requires extra care. Drivers must watch their speeds and not use the tire longer than needed to carry out a repair or full-sized replacement.

​At Honda of Ames, we want everyone to be safe on the roadways. To stay safe, drivers need a proper set of tires in good condition. See us when you need a repair or replacement. We have tires to meet your manufacturer’s recommendations. Please call or drop by our location today.



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