LED Headlights Have Increased Life Spans

LED bulb technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last several years. While previously it was almost prohibitively expensive to manufacture LED bulbs bright enough to be used as headlights, today that is no longer the case with prices coming down significantly. LED headlights offer many advantages over traditional halogen bulbs, and here at Honda of Ames, we are eager to help you determine if LED headlights are right for you and your vehicle.

Probably the biggest advantage offered by LED's are their incredible lifespan. If they are damaged, they can be rated to last upwards of a decade or more. Halogen bulbs generally need to be replaced every couple of years. LED's are also far more efficient, using a tiny fraction of the energy that halogen bulbs do, a large advantage as electric and hybrid vehicles become more common.

Some vehicles are able to use aftermarket LED's in their headlights, but not all. If you would like help determining whether or not it is possible for your car, or if it is the right choice, reach out to our service department in Ames, IA today.

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