Be Aware of the Move Over Laws

It is inevitable that drivers will come across stopped emergency vehicles with their flashers on due to some type of accident on the road, but why is it important to move over a lane? Here are some reasons why it is important to obey move over laws:

  • Police Officer Safety: Since 1999 over 200 law enforcement officers have been struck by vehicles and killed while responding to accidents. (
  • Worker Safety: In 2005 alone 390 workers were struck and killed by automobiles while working , accounting for 7% of occupational deaths. (
  • It’s the Law: In the United States and Canada, drivers are required by law to move over a lane for emergency vehicles. This may have once been considered a courtesy, but it is now the law. (

At Honda of Ames, we want to ensure that all motorists are safe on our roads, so please obey move over laws. Stop in and learn more at 220 Kitty Hawk Drive today!

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