Does Your Total Cost Exceed Your Budget?

Does your total cost of ownership exceed your budget? You probably had a certain number in mind when you arrived at the dealership. You wanted to stay below a certain number of dollars. We all figure out our budget before we ever consider purchasing a new vehicle.

The only issue is our budget might not include every cost. Our finance department likes to work around a number called the "total cost of ownership." This isn't just the monthly payment. It extends beyond that. The total cost of ownership takes several must-have obligations into consideration. Your new vehicle must have gas. It must have insurance. It must be maintained with check-ups and regular maintenance.

Our finance department at Honda of Ames wants you to have the most realistic numbers before you ever buy a vehicle. That's why we help put together the total cost of ownership of the vehicle you are interested in. We add up the gas, payment, insurance, and maintenance. We don't want the total cost to exceed your budget. You might need to look at a different car if that's the case.

We're here to help you find your next dream car. We also know you need to operate within your budget. You can schedule an appointment with us today at 220 Kitty Hawk Drive. We'll always help you by providing the total cost of ownership.

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