Winter Tips for Getting Un-Stuck

Winter is pretty much on its way, and that means cold, snow and ice for many people when driving this season. There are many different methods for trying to keep the slick conditions to a minimum, and with a few things on hand, you can help ensure you don't get stuck and require the expense and services of a tow truck this winter.

A nice bag of ice melting salt will be a fantastic material throughout the winter. Not only will it give some additional weight in the rear of the vehicle but it will also melt the snow or ice on your driveway or from around your tires if you happen to get your vehicle stuck this winter.

Salt may take care of the ice, but it will melt into the resulting water so having a bag of sand on hand as well is another ideal next step. Spreading it out on your driveway with the salt will make sure you have traction.

Make sure your vehicle is ready to handle the harder conditions of winter this season, bring it into Honda of Ames today for winter maintenance.

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